Launch browser with non incognito mode

Hi Team,

I am trying to simulate a scenario where i have to open new session (without incognig).

Can you help to guide me to get it working

Hi @arvind_patel, welcome to the forum! :wave:

If I understand correctly what you are trying to achieve is to create a new browser window that would inherit the session data already present in the browser instance? Is that correct?

If that is the case, unfortunately this is currently not supported, as, by default, when opening a new page, k6 browser implicitly creates a new browser context. We have a similar issue reported that you can use to keep track of this functionality.


I got a workaround by creating chrome user profile before launching tests


Here is another case that ruins a tester life…
My test consist a step that a file is downloaded. In incognito mode, a download verification modal is displayed and asks user where to download. In non-incognito mode it’s not displayed and download starts right away. I’m setting "K6_BROWSER_ARGS=‘disable-model-download-verification’ " but it doesn’t work and disappear. So my work is ruined and I got stuck here for 10 hours! I’ve tried to apply many sort of workarounds but strictly limited to browser context. Is it really hard for you to give option to developers to switch between modes?!

Hi @ozgurcubuk,

We would like to get a better understanding of your use case. Do you have a test script that is pointing to a publicly accessible website?


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