Large Test - Login 700 User is taking a lot of time

Hi all,
I have the following issue when trying to login 700 users with uniques accounts, each VUs must be related to a unique account (credentials).

Currently, I’m running a script to test simulating a user journey/flow, but first, all the 700 users should be logged, and then the script should emulate the 700 users running in Parallel by executing some test.

The problem is that the application is consuming 40 minutes just for logging all the users (700) and the script runs for 10 minutes.

So, with this inconvenient I have the next problems:
1- Can not execute the script in the cloud because the “setup time” exceeds 10 minutes.
2- In the near future, we need want to achieve 10k unique users, not VUs, so the setup time is going to be a blocker.

My doubt is:
A- Is k6 a tool that supports/allows to run a lot of users with uniques accounts (credentials, tokens) that are not VUs?.


  • Each user has specific data (pre-configured in DB).

@edg Welcome to the k6 community forum.

First what is the p(90) value for the login request?

Second can you please post some bits of your test script so we can better understand the logic behind your test?

Third make sure you’re using the open model as arrival rate and see if that helps even a little.