Label or dashboard name in Alert

I’m trying to understand well how alert and label works together but I can’t figure it out so I’m here to ask your help.
I’ve created a panel which works as smokeping and gather data from influxdb about ping latency and loss rate from a list of hosts. This list of hosts is from a varialbe and obviusly the panel I mentioned just before is repetible and the repetible variable is the “PlantName” variable.
I’d like to configure an alert which send an email (not important exactly if email or teams) but it will fire a message like “$PlantName has a too high loss rate” where obviusly $PlanName should be the real name of the Plant. Is it possible to reference the alert to the variable used in the query for gathering data from influxdb or something similar? Other question, in this email is possible to add an hyperlink for redirect the user to the correct panel?

I hope you’ve understand me.
Thanks a lot

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i have the same problem: for insance i have 100 dashboard with unique name, how can i name corresponding alert for each dashboard automatically using dashboard name (not manualy write each dashboard name in alert name)