K6 with jdk for editing script

In local, can we use k6 with jdk to edit javascript and include k6 libraries? Please let us know which all open source IDE k6 supports.


Hi @huligesh.hanumanthap, welcome to the community forum!

Do you mean the java development kit with jdk? Because k6 supports only javascript, which (apart from the name) has nothing (or very little) to do with java and as such k6 has nothing to do with the jdk. So … I have problems understanding the rest of that question :frowning:

Please let us know which all open source IDE k6 supports.

I personally use vim, but I expect that anything with javascript support will work to some extend :man_shrugging: . Here is some documentation about visual studio intellisense support, but I would expect similar can be done in any other js supporting IDE with some work.

Hope this helps you

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Hi @mstoykov , thanks for the reply. I am new to k6. I am looking for open source JavaScript IDE which is best for k6 in Windows environment. Could you please suggest some ?

@huligesh.hanumanthap Visual studio code. It is free and widely used by dev community.


Hi @huligesh.hanumanthap , I am haven’t used IDEs in years and Windows in even more years, so my suggestion won’t help you much :). I hear that Visual Studio Code is being used a lot as @aakash.gupta mentioned.