K6 v0.34.0 dropped (and then some)

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The summer break is over, we start to creep towards autumn, and we at k6 haven’t been resting on our laurels. What happened since the k6 v0.33.0 release? So glad you asked! The below. And then some!

:raised_hands: v0.34.0 released

k6 v0.34.0 is here! It introduces the already announced k6/execution API, allowing you to access test execution context from your k6 script such as:

  • scenario: name, executor, startTime, progress, iterationInInstance, and iterationInTest
  • instance: iterationsInterrupted, iterationsCompleted, vusActive, vusInitialized, and currentTestRunDuration
  • vu: iterationInstance, iterationInScenario, idInTest, idInInstance, and idInTest

You can access this information as follows:

import exec from "k6/execution";

export default function() {
  // retrieve an unique sequential number of the current iteration

  // retrieve an unique identifier of the VU

The v0.34.0 release also includes other enhancements and minor bug fixes. To the release notes!

Talking about bugs… we’re actually on v0.34.1, a patch with a few fixes.

:cloud: Cloud APM

With the new and improved UI you can set up one or many Cloud APM integrations for your organizations, and use the Test Builder to configure the integration for each test. Visit the docs for more info…

:mag_right: Thresholds dashboards

The new Thresholds page helps you track and manage all your organization’s thresholds. Find tests with failing thresholds, check which project they belong to, their current status and history, and if there are patterns that need your attention. Learn more…

:electric_plug: Grafana Plugin

We launched the official k6 Grafana Data Source Plugin, which allows you to view your test results stored in k6 Cloud in - you guessed it - your Grafana dashboard, so that it can live with your other data.

:handshake: We’re #hiring

We’re hiring! Just this month we welcomed Ohla Yevtushenko & İnanç Gümüş to the k6 OSS maintainers team. But we’re still looking for Frontend Engineers, Python devs, and Developer Advocates: k6.io/jobs

Curious what working at a remote-first company is like? Pawel Suwala, CTO, talked about our release cycles and engineering culture, on the blog!

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