K6 installation failing in mac

Hi, I am running the command ‘brew install k6’ but it gives an error
(base) $ brew install k6

==> Downloading https://ghcr.io/v2/homebrew/core/k6/manifests/0.33.0

Already downloaded: /Users//Library/Caches/Homebrew/downloads/fb9432f722f2a1a0dde633e8f6fe03297eb60ac63557a0c30582ef1f4d74dc03–k6-0.33.0.bottle_manifest.json

Error: Failed to download resource “k6_bottle_manifest”

The downloaded GitHub Packages manifest was corrupted or modified (it is not valid JSON):

Can someone help please.


hmm this seems like a problem with homebrew on your side, we couldn’t replicate it on our end :confused:

maybe try running brew cleanup - https://www.educative.io/edpresso/what-is-brew-cleanup ?

I managed it using docker.