K6 initialisation is stuck

I am using following staging in options:

export const options = {
stages: [
{ duration: ‘3m’, target: 800},
{ duration: ‘30m’, target: 800},
{ duration: ‘3m’, target: 0},

but my K6 is getting stuck every time , every I have tried to reduce the number of users, it is not working properly.
Funny thing is it is kind of intermittent issue not every time it is coming but its there 7/10 time now.

Hi @Abhishek_Verma_101 welcome to k6 community what do you mean it stuck or not working, you can share terminal output for more information

Init [ 74% ] 592/800 VUs initialized
default [ 0% ]

Init [ 74% ] 592/800 VUs initialized
default [ 0% ]

K6 is not able to initialise with all the virtual users.

Hi @Abhishek_Verma_101 This issues can be load generator wasn’t able to generate VUs to reach 800 due to resources of CPU and memory, So monitor CPU,RAM usage during the test.

Hell Elibarick,

Thanks for the reply , but have K6 changed something in the current version related to CPU and memory usage as I am running this in my local and have done OS tuning as per the K6 recommendation.

Because my script was running before without any issue now, sometime VUs initialisation creates the issue or script does end in the middle of the execution.

If you can help me with this that would be great.

Hi @Abhishek_Verma_101,

Can you provide the output of k6 version for both the k6 version that works for you but also the one that does not?

Any specific about the script might be useful as well. Do you open files in it, are you using an extension, how do you run it and so on.