K6 extension and registration

I want to create an x6 extension to expose typescript library (something I am not able to do it using GitHub - grafana/k6-template-typescript: Template to use TypeScript with k6). Does it mean that I need to make my extension public? Does k6 get to know about it? My company doesn’t want to expose that code outside of company and k6 being AGPL V3 license, I want to make sure that it doesn’t get triggered when using k6 extension.

Hello @shine1691! You do not have to make your extension public to use it internally.

Hope this helps!

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It does. Does k6 get any notification of it? like when I call this method?

modules.Register("k6/x/compare", new(Compare))

Also, does this trigger AGPL V3 license?

k6 does report usage information unless you specify the --no-usage-report argument, but this does not include information about extensions used. See Usage collection for information about what is collected.