K6 Docker Container initialization failed in Azure pipeline


While running using k6 docker container in Azure Pipeline - getting error

Following in my docker file

FROM joined-docker.artifactory.abcdefgg.net/grafana/k6:0.50.0
RUN apt-get update
COPY . /app
USER root

Following is my yml file


  • master

name: default-containers


  • script: chmod uga+rwx -R k6Report
  • script: ls -ltr
  • script: pwd
  • script: k6 run ./Basic_feeXpart_GET.js
  • script: docker run -it --rm
    k6 run ./Basic_feeXpart_GET.js

2024-05-23T08:38:32.6517873Z 9f89d995513a86b3cffe141920e151829e782234babeba0a61c4f149f92c0021 Up Less than a second

2024-05-23T08:38:32.6579027Z ##[command]/usr/bin/docker exec 9f89d995513a86b3cffe141920e151829e782234babeba0a61c4f149f92c0021 sh -c “command -v bash”

2024-05-23T08:38:32.7412942Z Error response from daemon: Container 9f89d995513a86b3cffe141920e151829e782234babeba0a61c4f149f92c0021 is not running

Hey @subp,
you should try to provide more context, your problem is very specific to how to run applications with Docker and Azure Pipeline, which is a bit far from the goal of the forum here.

The error doesn’t seem related to k6. You should at least try to isolate the problem from Azure Pipeline. Does it work if you run it locally using Docker?


Thanks for replying.

No when I tried to run it locally with same k6 image - fails too.

But with same process other docker images of like playwright passes.


If the Dockerfile used is the one posted in the original topic then I don’t see how it can work.

Why do you expect your Docker container should work just by doing RUN echo $NODE_EXTRA_CA_CERTS?