K6 Cloud Custom Analysis Dashboard - apply across all scenarios and share with other users

Hi K6 team,

In the K6 Cloud (https://app.k6.io/) how can I apply a (custom analysis) default view across all of my scenarios and also share with other users in my organisation?

I have a number of test scenarios that all execute the same scripts. However, each run different load volumes. I want to be able to have the same custom Analysis view across all of my tests but also share with other users of K6 in my org.


Hi @phillee !

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Unfortunately, I can only confirm that it’s not possible right now :frowning_face:

There were plans to expand to have project and organization-level support, but it’s unlikely to happen in app.k6.io since the team is actively migrating to the grafana cloud.

I might suggest looking into Grafana k6 Cloud where potentially you could have a chance to achieve seeking functionality by using dashboards.

Hope that explains.


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