K6 browser test measure time spent with in custom section

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I have a question regarding k6 browser test results. I’ve recently written a long browser test for a long flow. This flow is made out of several form sections that are being filled out. My question is, is there a way to set up some “start” and “end” marker in the code for each of the form sections, where at the end of the test, I’d be provided with an output of time spent loading for each custom marked section of the flow? Haven’t had much luck looking for an option like that.

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Hi @Tester1337,

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Take a look at this answer. It outlines how you could measure the duration between a start and end time, capture that result in a custom metric, which then gets displayed in the summary results.

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Thanks Ankur, I will look into it. Also found out about groups, which looks exactly like what I am looking for