K6 async redis and groups

I have two questions related to current xk6-redis implementation:

  1. Is there a way to use it in groups? async methods usage are prohibited there
  2. Why redis methods async only?

Hi @inshu!

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Currently, the async support in groups isn’t great. We have an issue on our side regarding `group` doesn't work with async calls well · Issue #2728 · grafana/k6 · GitHub. So, unfortunately, there is no way to use async methods under the groups right now.

One thing is that right now, the Redis module doesn’t emit metrics, so group usage, in any case, won’t affect it. And if you could maybe explain your case, I could try to suggest a workaround.

  1. Why Redis methods async only?

We discussed that, and you can check the answer Sync APIs · Issue #6 · grafana/xk6-redis · GitHub

TL;DR: for now we’d like to focus on improving general async support and try to avoid increasing maintenance chores.


To be short: my scenarios consists of http requests and some of them got to be built on data from redis. I’m using groups so metrics of http requests have tags + I got to use redis actions in these groups to get shared data.
For my case at this moment I just wrote custom redis plugin with sync logic and that’s it.
Just wanted to understand where the vector of development points right now on those matters.
Thank you for update.