Issues with Alerting


I have been trying to setup alerts and having a problem there. I am using MySQL as my datasource and pulling a simple set of data “select * from test”.
Test contains random numbers with time series. I want to setup an alert where i get an email once the value increases beyond say 50.
i am using max() query (A,5min,now), with the alert repeating every 2 minutes. WIth such a configuration I get an alert only once, ie when i start the alert. After that the dashboard keeps showing as “Alerting” but I do not get further alert mails. Is this how it is supposed to be or am i missing something.

The same problem happens when I use other functions like avg(), or count(). I just get the mail once and not again. Also it seems that the functions are using all the data in the table to calculate the value. For instance Count/Sum() Query (A,5m,now) counts or sums the value of the entire table instead of the ones within the time frame.


Grafana will only send notifications when the alert rule change state

Hi, @torkel
Does grafana support the persistent alarm now?I want to persistent alarm regardless the change of stage.