Is there any way to measure time in microseconds?


New k6 user here.

I have used postman-to-k6 project to convert some postman tests into k6. Everthing has been nice after some fixes but now I have a little problem generating new users.

The very first thing that my current testing collection does is register a new user and the way we generate the name is using We do something like “user_”“”.

I have set the VU’s to 2 just for the sake of testing and is returning same miliseconds for each VU, so, one of my users can’t register because that email already exists.

I think this could be fixed if I could get the time in microseconds. Is this possible with k6?

On the other hand if there exist a way to delay the execution of the new iterations by some mili/seconds that would fix my problem too. Is this even possible?

I have used sleep to try to pause before building the email but again (and this is a bit odd) is retrieving same time stamp.

Right now I’m using something like this for the register request:

 pre() {
  console.log("=========> Waiting");
  console.log("=========> Time: "; --> This prints same time stamp for the 2 vu's

Thanks in advance.

Hi @oanime !

It’s not the answer to your question, but how about using something like randomString from the utils for the user name generation?

See an example.

Let me know if that helps!