Is there a way to "modify" a query RESULT came from Coralogix?

Hi Dears,

I am trying to “modify” a returned [string] result, so it’ll remove all but a specific value,
For example, my query [grafana table, using coralogix-es as data source]

env:production AND “offline” - returns a 1 column result that contains a long string, for example:

“this is a user, for example, where I want to - 0125125125 - delete all but the numbers”
“this is a user, for example, where I want to - 15457812 - delete all but the numbers”
“this is a user, for example, where I want to - 17798465156156 - delete all but the numbers”
“this is a user, for example, where I want to - 87456456 - delete all but the numbers”

so instead of seeing the whole line as above, I’d like to see this instead:

is that something that can be achieved?

Thanks in advance!

I found this one:

Looks like what I need, but I have no option to perform any value mapping [version 8.0.6]

Any other option/ideas?

You can achieve this in 8.2 using regex-based value mappings, as my other post suggests.
Do you want some help with the regex? Share a screenshot of your table in the table format or the raw unformatted data like this.

Hi @mattabrams,

Thanks, I’m fine with the regex, but eventually I didn’t got my whole story solved, I was sure this feature will help me - I think it’s possible, I’m just struggeling with it.

I am basically trying to take a query result, parse it and change it’s value with regex - which works great with 8.2,
Then, I want to take this parsed text column, and send in SQL statement on another query, for example:
query 1 - result comes as STRING from coralogix:
‘text-for-example: 125125125’ or ‘text-for-example: AnotherPossibleValue’

I want to take only the ID [125125125 or AnotherPossibleValue] and use it on another query, as follows - query 2:
SELECT invite, customerName FROM table WHERE invite = #A-id

Is that anyway possible?
Considering I will not use the “regex value mapping” will it be possible this way?

Thanks for the help!

Bump, I really need that one to work - somehow…
This is my result table value of query #A:

and I want to do on query #B [or another graph/panel/dash]:
SELECT inviteID, inviteINFO, customerName FROM table WHERE inviteID = #A-id

Can this be achieved in any way?