Is it possible to input values extracted today into yesterday's date?

I am using grafana10. Is it possible to display a Time series graph with a 1 day lag?

The member subscriber API retrieves data once a day.
For example, if the API searched on February 6th has a value of 123, this is the number of members on February 5th.

Since the data for February 5th can be known only after February 6th, I would like to display the February 5th data extracted on February 6th on the February 5th graph.

Conclusion, how do I create a graph that shows 123 on February 5th?
I think it would be okay to make a graph with a delay of 1 day.

Please advise.

you can do something similar to the below:

using a data source like infinity, you can get todays date from another api as the timestamp, and then then use yesterdays metric value as the current metric value