Is it possible to follow a data-link on a bar chart with a single click?

Grafana version: 9.5.1

When using data-links on a table or a pie-chart, I can click on a cell (or slice) and immediately follow the data-link. However, for a bar-graph, I need to click the bar, and then select the link. (i.e. 2 clicks)
Is it possible to get the same behavior as with the piechart, where clicking a bar immediately follows the data-link without needing to click twice?


Yes, you can typically enable data-linking in a bar chart with a single click. Check the settings or options menu of the charting tool or TopFollow software you’re using. Look for features like ‘data linking’ or ‘interactive charts,’ and make sure they are enabled. If you’re using a specific tool or platform, let me know, and I can provide more tailored guidance!