Is it possible to compare strings in v10.1.1 or how to achieve comparison in table panel


I am using v10.1.1 Grafana with app-stores-prometheus-exporter.I am trying to create a simple table to output our app’s name, stores (gplay/itunes), and version. I want to achieve this by comparing the versions between stores. For example, if there is a high value (1.0.210) is the highest value in the table the other cell is colored red if is equal to be in green. Trying different things with no success. I try to remove dots from that string to be like a number and convert it to an integer. I tried it with value mappings with regex again to remove dots and compare them. I wrote a new query #C to return only the version number and try it to compare with the other cells with transformations. Kinda stuck on this. Thank you
See the photos below.


Table Panel →
The format is different because the Play Store needs build_numbers etc.