Is it possible to add different URLs to the individual Bars of a Bar Chart visualization?


I have a case where I need to add 3 different URLs to the 3 different bars of the Bar Chart for navigating to those URLs, as in the screenshot below:

Here is how my data looks like:

I tried adding it via Data links but I am able to only add a single URL. I am not able to add the different URLs to each bar.

Any suggestions would be helpful.


each bar now links to url,, etc.

Hi @sowdenraymond

Thanks for the reply,
But as I mentioned the URLs would be different for each bar and dashboard ID would also be different.

[URL1 -
[URL2 -
[URL3 -

Let me know how I can achieve this.

if the data displayed on the dashboards is very similar, you could use one dashboard and then use variables to populate the data on the one board, based on the variables / links from the 1st dashboard, so you don’t need to setup and maintain 3 different dashboards.

or if the dashboards need to be different, you could add a column to your data to indicate which board to go to…



@sowdenraymond In that case, In the Tooltip mode even the ID would be visible, which is something I don’t want it to be shown:


Is there a way, I can hide the ID and still use it?


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