Invalid signature when signing a private plugin

Hi all,

i was signed my plugin to be signed in private, but the result is invalid signature, the goal is make my plugin is signed.

this i make to reproduce the problem
make a dir in “E:\Grafana\grafana\data\plugins”

  1. query the syntax “npx @grafana/toolkit plugin:create test-panel”

  2. query the syntax “cd test-panel”

  3. query the syntax “yarn install”

  4. query the syntax “npx @grafana/toolkit plugin:dev”

  5. query the syntax “npx @grafana/toolkit plugin:test”

  6. query the syntax “npx @grafana/toolkit plugin:build”

  7. restart grafana service, to show the url (capture1)

    , show that the plugin is unsigned

  8. query the syntax “npx @grafana/toolkit plugin:sign --signatureType private --rootUrls http://localhost:8080/plugins/spc-test-panel/”. capture2

    , show that plugin is signed successfully

  9. restart grafana service

  10. Check Again, in capture3

    we see the plugin is invalid signature

and we add some screenshot of plugin.json (capture5)

and manifest (capture6) in dist folder.

Your help should be great for us. thank`s

The value for rootUrls should be the URL to your Grafana instance, not to the plugin itself.

Could you try the following?:

npx @grafana/toolkit plugin:sign --rootUrls http://localhost:8080
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thank marcus,

we`ve solve the problem thanks

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thanks @marcusolsson!

Seems like there’s a bug if you try to do that with port 80.
I opened an issue here: unsigned plugin cannot be used if Grafana is listening on port 80 · Issue #40546 · grafana/grafana · GitHub
but the http://localhost:80 is transformed to http://localhost and the plugin is unavailable…

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