Installing Grafana Loki on OpenShift environment via Official Helm chart

I am trying to install the newest version of Grafana loki with Helm without creating any custom resource definitions as I am not the clusteradministrator.

I have tried to install loki with the official helm chart in single binary mode, but there are too many crds to keep track of. I have also tried to create a custom helm chart and mounting the configuration.yaml, but this lead to the following error:
level=info ts=2023-07-06T11:46:34.365308305Z caller=reporter.go:125 msg=“failed to CAS cluster seed key” err=“open loki_cluster_seed.json: permission denied”

I expected to install the service via the official helm chart without needing any crds.

I have tried to resolve the error message via Failed to read cluster seed file : "open loki_cluster_seed.json: no such file or directory" - #3 by drayanqi, but for me, the resolution didn’t work.

Thank you for your help! KR Hannes