Inner Join using Grafana Elasticsearch Lucene query

Grafana: 6.2.5
Elastic search
@torkel I have been using table plugin in grafana, I have a situation where there is a template variable “Version” with data V1, V2, V3 …etc. for every version, there is data and I am querying to get the total count of every versions data

           V1 Total V2 Total
            A 10     A   20
            B 20     B   15
            C 30     C   25
            X 5      Y    3
            L 2      N    9 

Since I am having template variable “Version” If I try combining two versions I get

         V1+V2  |  Total
              A | 30
              B | 35
              C | 55
              X | 5
              Y | 3
              L | 2
              N | 9 

Basically In Lucene query, if I filter individually I get the output… but not possible to query for every data

( $version AND $data: "A" )
( $version AND $data: "B" )
( $version AND $data: "C" )   

Any help with performing inner join using Lucene query were only common matching data between two versions are displayed and not others?

Inner joins are supported now in lucene or elasticsearch? You can try with metaqueries datasource (see plugins page)

@gretamosa Metaqueries supports only Arithmetic expression, Moving Average and TimeShift, not JOINs. I have tried Two queries with A with V1 version and B with V2 version. 3rd query I am trying to get the Arithmetic expression of A + B , A AND B but it gives me sum of both queries

@swathimuppalla Did you find any solution yet?

Please enable the multiple value on the variable like below

Then in the dashboard you can have multiple version instead.