InfluxDB/Grafana regex URL

Granfana v7.4.3, self-hosted Grafana


I am a newbie with Grafana and I have

influxDB field ‘job.trigger’ with values like ‘Triggered by Gerrit: https://gerrit…/+/77777 in silent mode.’

In grafana dashboard I am trying to set direct link to gerrit commit

Panel Options/Name Pattern/job.trigger.


The question is how can I grab link from field to form correct url?

Just now I have something like this https://gerrit…/Triggered%20by%20Gerrit:%20https://gerrit…/c/carbon-ui/+/77777%20in%20silent%20mode.


welcome to the :grafana: forum, @uarhodesian

If you are a newbie at grafana, then I highly recommend using the newest Grafana. Version 8 is far more advanced than version 7, and there have been many improvements to data links

If so, then you could try and use regex-based value mapping + data links (maybe?). Either that or isolate the data inside that string on the DB side before it reaches Grafana…?

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