Inconsistent response time in JSON report

I want to add response time as a custom metric and follow up on the results for the APIs that I read, in the JSON report that k6 makes. When I wanted to check how accurate the data in the JSON file is, I compared the result of response time for a get request in Postman with the data point in the JSON file.
for instance, the response time in Postman is 1480 ms but the result in JSON is 273.547502.
do you have any idea where I am doing wrong?
this is the code I run:

Hi @nafiseh,
sorry for the late reply.

What is the function of the value 273.547502 you’re reporting? p(95)?

As the documentation describes the timings.duration metric doesn’t include the initial DNS lookup/connection times. Have you tried executing the Postman request several times and from different networking?

It shouldn’t be relevant to your issue, but it seems you could benefit from some data parametrization instead of cycling on the array.

I used timings.duration. and thanks for your feedback on the iteration part.

Hi @nafiseh,
I meant what is the math function of the value you reported? k6 returns one value for each function supported by Trend (e.g. average, minimum, maximum, etc…) so the value you are tracking is relevant for any eventual conclusion.