In time series graph data links ${__value.time} is not working for relative time


I have a dashboard with a simple Time series panel. On that panel I have added data link to view log events. Data link looks roughly like https://blablabla?time=${__value.time}&time.window=600000.

This works, if I am using absolute time range: ${__value.time} shows unix epoch milliseconds. However, if time range is relative, for example “Last 3 hours”, ${__value.time} is empty.
Am I missing something or is it a bug?
Grafana version is v10.0.1 (5a30620b85)

Thank you.

Update: That behaviour is very prominent on panels with sparse data, ie. where data points have no values.

Update 2: Raised a bug in Grafana TimeSeries panel: empty data points mess up with ${__value.time} in data links · Issue #74211 · grafana/grafana · GitHub