Icon on node graph panel not working?


we are running grafana 9.3.6. i am playing around with the node graph panel (Node graph | Grafana documentation) and would like to use the build in icons (Webpack App) for some nodes in the graph. i prepared the data as described in the docu and conform to the sample on play.grafana > Dashboards > Replicating issues > Node graph. but somehow i cannot get the configured icons displayed.

i also tried to set an icon as “default” in the query with:

SELECT id, title as “title”, subtitle as “subtitle”, landscapes as “detail__landscapes”, ‘apps’ as “icon”, ‘#00ff00’ as “color” FROM …

any ideas? the color information is working then again…


ok. that has definitely something to do with the grafana version. with 9.3.6 it is not working. with the currently latest 9.5.2 it is working. let me “bisect” the version when it starts to work.

starting with 9.5.0 it is working.
does anyone have information about a bugfix for the icon functionality on node graph or where the icons introduced with 9.5.0?

any info is appreciated.


ok, just found it in the changelog for 9.5.0:

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