I am using 10 VUs, how can I uniquely identify each VU?

I am having a use case wrt to the delete API where I am using 10 VUs and running the test for duration of 60s. Since the delete API operates upon the database of the application, I want to make sure that data to be deleted is available in database. Now if I have seeded some data in the db, I want to make sure that the request for that particular data is fulfilled by particular VU, like if the primary key id has value 101, then VU no. 1 should handle it, if id has value 201, then VU no.2 should handle it and so on. How do I do that? Because otherwise if one of the VU has deleted the data than other VUs won’t get that data and I am considering not getting that data as an error.

See Execution context variables

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Thanks for the solution. Solved my concern.