I am unable to set alerts in Grafana

I am unable to set alerts in Grafana Alerts. Getting the below error
Failed to evaluate queries and expressions: failed to execute conditions: failed to query data: parse “10.92.xx.xx:9090”: first path segment in URL cannot contain colon .

10.92.xx.xx:9090 is my prometheus IP which i gave us a Datasource for a simple high CPU alert
using Grafana v8.2.2 (6232fe07c0). Any help in this is much appreciated. I also enabled the Unified alerting and disabled Legacy alerting.

i resolved it now. My prometheus data source didn’t have an http:// in it. Once I added it, the alerts started working Thank you.

oh god, thanks dude, I just forgot to add the “http://” prefix in my Loki source lol