HTTPS ' GET ' API request causes GO panic error when no HTTPS_PROXY set

A specific HTTPS GET’ request causes an error when running…

Somehow, if we set


and use Fiddler, the panic error does not occur…

Anyone experiencing this issue?

Which k6 version are you using?

λ k6 version
k6 v0.25.0

Please upgrade to v0.25.1 and see if the panic persists. It should have been fixed by Fix response error handling and slightly improve the digest auth code by na-- · Pull Request #1102 · grafana/k6 · GitHub

Thank you very much, in the meantime I removed the line : Accept-Encoding from the request headers.
This forced, I believe, an override by k6 for these values.

Therefore, I’ll update pretty soon and see if it corrects the issue should I restore my previous headers configuration. Thanks!