Http_req_duration metric returns 0 on the endpoint

Please help me, I am loading the server. After the test, the time in http_req_duration is 0 in the metrics for the request to the upi file, and if the load is reduced, the time is shown. I looked at the nginx logs there are no errors, there are status codes 200 and 304, what could this be related to?

Hi @narushev_ns

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Without more information (a sanitized script to reproduce, the options - test duration, e.g.), and the complete output of the test, it’s difficult to help. If you can share that we can further advice.

My initial thoughts would go along the lines that the API takes more to respond than the k6 test duration, so the response is sent when k6 has stopped the test already. Or the services are timing out from k6 point of view (if the request duration is high). The test output will give us some more hints.

Can you provide a bit more context (the test output, script and options you use to run)?