Howto reset admin password on Grafana running on Azure app service

We have installed Grafana on Azure app service.
Everything is working fine but we want to have extra organizations.
I need to login as admin to create extra organizations, however the password is lost or there was never created an admin, i don’t know.
From the documentation i got this command grafana-cli admin reset-admin-password <new_password>

But this does not work in the console, command not found, see snip.
Any ideas howto reset the password in another way?


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What Grafana version you are using?

Grafana v9.5.2
KR Auke

So re-looking at the screenshot, it says that grafana-cli command was not found.

Though, I am not expert with Azure, but I believe that in Azure, Grafana is running like a docker container service?

Is yes, try to find the grafana container using command e.g. docker ps -a and does it give some output?

I thought it was, but even docker ps is not working

According to Overview - Azure App Service | Microsoft Learn it looks like i need to re-create the service. Issue is that i was not involved when the app service was created +/- 2 years ago. To be fair i’m a bit lost, i need more time figgering out what’s going on. Not sure if you have clue.

This is just a hint.

One reason as it again does not find the docker command, if docker got installed in a different path than the default and needs to call it manually e.g. like we normally do in Python if we have multiple versions e.g. 1, 2, and 3 installed.

/usr/bin/python2.2 -v

/usr/bin/python3.4 -v

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Thanks for you support so far, but we deiced to setup a new Grafana environment (managed) where we have more control compared to the current environment.
Let’s end this topic.