How to take data from js file in json file

This is summary from my request code:

import auth from "./authorization.js";
export function setup()
    var hash = auth();
    return hash;
export default function(data){
let authTemplate = {headers: {
        "Authorization":"Basic dWNjdGVzdG1hbmFnZXI6QWxmYWJhbmtAMjAyMDIw", 
    let requests = {
            url: urlTemplate,
    } .... 

this is my authorization.js file:

import http from "k6/http";
export default function()
    var url = "*********************";
    var params = {headers: {"authorization":"Basic dWNjdGVzdG1hbmFnZXI6QWxmYWJhbmtAMjAyMDIw"}};
    let result = http.get(url, params);
    let ucHash =  JSON.parse(result.body).hash;
    return{"hash": ucHash};

Right now, i take data from json file.
Json file:

    "requests": [
            "name": "DSR_KATO_TWN",
            "type": "GET",
            "url": "**********************0",
            "header_value": ["Basic dWNjdGVzdG1hbmFnZXI6QWxmYWJhbmtAMjAyMDIw"],
            "header_tag": ["Authorization"],
            "expectedStatus": 200,
            "expectedResult_value": ["Exist"],
            "expectedResult_tag": []    

and i write loop to take data to authorization, but i can’t implement to read authorization,js file in json file to send request.js file.

and now I need help to implement this so that the file for the query takes the hash data from the json file. i need add the link hash in json file in this tags:“header_value”, “header_tag”

@Sati, I’m not sure I completely understand your question, sorry. I see that you have JSON.parse(open('./Test_Datas.json')); in your screenshot, so I don’t understand what the problem is, this is how you can load a JSON file. If you need it in authorization.js as well, simply do that in there as well.