How to Send Alerts to External Alertmanager

Grafana Version: v9.2.4

I have added a Prometheus-Alertmanager datasource. And I can see my alertmanager in Alerting in the Grafana.


Then I created an alert with following steps:

  1. In the Grafana menu, click the Alerting (bell) icon to open the Alerting page listing existing alerts.
  2. Click New alert rule. The new alerting rule page opens where the Grafana managed alerts option is selected by default.

After the alert was created and firing, it is sent to the alertmanager of Grafana.
I want my external alertmanager to receive this alert. What should I do?

Hi! To send alerts to an external Alertmanager go to the Alerting page, then click on the Admin tab. At the end of the page there is Send alerts to where its possible to change between Internal Alertmanager, External Alertmanager, or both.

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Thank you for the solution. It works!

Is it possible to make this config as code?