How to return DataFrame when it comes from an async function?

Hello everyone, I’m making a datasource plugin, and I have a function
async testFunc()
that returns a
as this function is where a web request is made, it is async.

I’m trying to convert this DataFrame to a DataQueryResponse, and then have that be the return value for the query function within Datasource.ts. I know this is hardcoding it and bad practice, but im not sure how to do it properly and at this point I just want an output.

This is as far as I got, with the error message on the second to last line saying

  • Argument of type ‘DataQueryResponse’ is not assignable to parameter of type ‘(resolve: (value: DataQueryResponse | PromiseLike) => void, reject: (reason?: any) => void) => void’.

  • Type ‘DataQueryResponse’ provides no match for the signature ‘(resolve: (value: DataQueryResponse | PromiseLike) => void, reject: (reason?: any) => void): void’.

  query(options: QueryRequest): Promise<DataQueryResponse> {

    let dataframe = Observable.create(testFunc());
    const dqr: DataQueryResponse = {
      data: dataframe,
    let retval: Promise<DataQueryResponse> = new Promise(dqr);
    return retval;

I don’t understand the type problems, and I’m not sure if this is just an async problem or if I’m approaching this topic incorrectly. Any help is much appreciated!