How to interpret the performance trending graph?

Here’s a screenshot of my test. I have multiple test runs, but I’m not sure what exactly the bars are representing. When I hover over one of these bars, it says “8ms”, what is this exactly?

In this case, 8ms means that response time for 95% of your requests was below 8ms.

The performance trending graph plots single, high-level performance metrics for executions of the same test over time. This enables you to locate patterns of performance degradation or improvement and easily validate the performance impact of code and infrastructure changes. After each completion of an individual test run, we automatically update the performance trending graph.

The single high-level performance metric given in the performance trending graph is the 95% percentile of all requests included in the test. This means that 95% of the HTTP(s) requests in your test will have a load time that performs better than this value. Similar to looking at an individual tests Response time , a rising graph indicates degrading performance over time.

Performance trending provides the most value when tests are executed on a regular basis. Refer to our integrations for more information on integrating/automating your tests.

Note: Failed tests will be shown in red, passing tests in green, and aborted tests will show a “negative” value.