How to integrate Grafana with Cognito

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Is there a tutorial out there that describes how to integrate Grafana (running in an EC2 instance) with AWS Cognito for authentification? Or could somebody tell me how to do it? I’m relatively new to AWS and also Grafana.

We use Grafana with ElasticSearch.

Or would it be better to put Grafana and Elasticsearch in a VPC and communicate via API Gateway and Lambda with Grafana?

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@joa44741 were you able to find a solution for this?

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I dont see it anywhere,
But yes i am able to integrate grafana with cognito.
I started with the help of

And after few trials it worked.

Any chance you could share the modifications you made to the snippet shared on SO? Running into an error where the sign in page says “An error was encountered with the requested page.”