How to Inject different unique users?

If I have to inject 1000 different VUS in the test script, how can pass that 1000 vus? If I say vus = 1000, I get forbidden errors. which means I have to pass all 1000 credentials. My confusion here is, do I have to write down all 1000 vus credentials to inject in load or any other solution is there.
Please help me

Thank you.


Hi, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

If I’m understanding correctly, you want to send different credentials to authenticate each VU with your service.

If you don’t need static and previously registered credentials, you could generate them at runtime using Math.random(), or if you need something more sophisticated using faker.js. You can either load it directly or bundle it with Webpack.

If you do need static credentials, you can create a JSON file with all of them and then use this approach to select a unique record per VU. In this case be mindful of your memory usage and if the JSON file is large consider using SharedArray.

Thank you for the response.
In my case, the 1st point will not work because to access the portal I need to sign up. So I think I have to go for the second(JSON) one.