How to get http releated metrics in K6 Browser

Hello Grafana community,

I’m currently working on performance testing using K6 Browser. I need to capture HTTP-related metrics to analyze the performance of my web application. Specifically, I’m looking for ways to obtain detailed metrics for each HTTP request made during the test. We would like to see the results of each HTTP request to understand response times, status codes, and other relevant data.

Can anyone guide me on how to obtain HTTP metrics, including individual results for each request, in K6 Browser? Any help or examples would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @hegde89

In the case of browser tests, you can see here the metrics reported by the browser module. The only HTTP related metrics that are reported are browser_http_req_duration and browser_http_req_failed. This is because the focus of the browser extension is not load testing nor HTTP requests.

Is it possible for your use case to use the HTTP module in protocol tests? That will provide you more detailed metrics for HTTP requests.

Thank you @Daniel.J

our goal is to monitor the HTTP requests during the K6 Load test.
it may give us the visibility on which calls getting fail with Load, as whole system.

can you please help us if any extensions support this case?