How to get correct data source UID in my dashboard's JSON file while exporting it on a different system?

Currently, I am using Grafana on my personal computer via localhost. I don’t know how Grafana dashboards are deployed on production or the official process for hosting these dashboards.
I couldn’t understand any way other than exporting the JSON file from Grafana on my own computer and then importing it on the Grafana installed on the company’s required server.
However, this produces the problem of incorrect data source UID as the UIDs would differ for the data sources added in the Grafana application on the server system. Previously, I had manually replaced the UID in the JSON file with the correct new UID.
Is there any way to deal with the varying UIDs on different systems, for the dashboard json file?


@saymeowmeow when export, select share for external and while importing select a destination data source