How to Format Trend Output to s/ms?

Hi, I am trying to format custom trend metrics to second or ms but it’s not working:

`k6 run --out datadog --summary-time-unit ms ./loadtests/performance-test.js`

Am I doing something wrong in there?

Thank you

I just tried running a simple script with --summary-time-unit s, --summary-time-unit ms, and --summary-time-unit us with k6 v0.26.1 and everything worked as expected - the values in the k6 end-of-test summary were in the requested time unit.

I notice --out datadog in your command line example, so you probably expect --summary-time-unit to affect how DataDog visualizes the metrics, which is not the case. --summary-time-unit affects only the internal end-of-test summary, it doesn’t (and actually can’t) affect external outputs. How DataDog visualizes metrics can’t be controlled from k6 at all, AFAIK…

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