How to display logs in columns in explore tab

When using explore tab (with loki datasource), I can parse my json log into fileds, and display selected fields only by pressing eye icon.

However when I select multiple fields, they are all appended to single line, which is very unreadable. i.e.:
DataCenter=eu-central-1 Level=Debug Message=Connection id "0HN1VB9HN3VCU" accepted.

Grouping them into columns would improve situation a lot. Only other option I see is to create dashboard, but it takes away all flexibility of explore.

Is there better way to display multiple fields?

Hello, thank you for your patience! There is a table view for logs in Explore that I think is what you are looking for. You can find the toggle for it on the right side, below logs volume and above the Download button.

You can monitor upcoming features being added to it here Logs Panel: Table UI (epic) · Issue #77469 · grafana/grafana · GitHub

Let me know if that helps! Thanks!

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