How to create line chart using date & time values

Hi Team,

I am pretty new for Loki & Grafana eco system , recently this introduced in our company to use this stack.
so lets come to the question .

For example I have logs
2023-08-28T03:35:24+10:00 INFO: ODL creation failed
2023-08-28T04:41:07+10:00 INFO: ODL creation completed
2023-08-28T04:31:07+10:00 INFO: ODL creation completed
2023-08-28T03:11:07+10:00 INFO: ODL creation completed

using above logs I wanted to created line series chart
looks like
Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 3.53.39 pm

Y-axis should be time and X-axis should be date and picked the most update time from the given logs and render timeseries using timestamp of the logs.

I did try to apply the regex but couldn’t able to achieve the result . is there any other way of doing this or if you have some sort of example I really appreciate