How to configure Grafana alerting for every incomming message

Probably the answer is ultra-simple, but I did not get the clue.

Here what I want to achieve:

I wanna build a grafana email alert whenever a message arrives. There is an exact ElasticSearch-Query from where we got the data. At the moment there is no great load (2-6 Messages per Day).

I’m a bit confused how this fit’s with tresholds, timeperiods, conditions, no-data-handler …

I did not find an example or guide in the documentation how to alert simply every message.

That should be easy in Grafana - Here is a sample using Grafana 6.2.5 and Elasticsearch 6.x:

Then move to the Alert tab, and fill in the particulars that you want to alert on:
Here I name it “My Critical Alert”. Every 60 minutes the server will run my query (60m), and I want it to fire an alert right away, so the “For” is 0m.
The condition is max() Above 0, which basically means if I have any more than 0 results, it will evaluate to true. Note the query reference to Query “A”, and I am always evaluating from the last 1 hour to present (which makes sense, as I am only running this query every hour).

After that you can click Test Rule to see the results of your query. And then fill out who you want to notify, and the message to send them.

Reply back if more details are needed.

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