How to alert if metric increase in a 1h time window

Hi ,
Is there away to create an alert so that if a metric has increased (not interested by how much just that it has increased) in say a 1h window . then it will send an alert…
and example of the metric i’m getting from the Prometheus datasource

/first scrape of the metric
project{name=“cdktf”,severity=“CRITICAL”,uuid=“e51b2548-c338-475e-9bed-8b7fc60e46a7”,version=“1.0.123”} 0

/another scrape
project{name=“cdktf”,severity=“CRITICAL”,uuid=“e51b2548-c338-475e-9bed-8b7fc60e46a7”,version=“1.0.123”} 5

seems a relative straight forward scenario but i’m new the the whole alerting area…