How to add release number from pipeline into K6-InfluxDB-Grafana stack so that in grafana we can filter results based on Release Number as well

I have K6- InfluxDB - Grafana stack which were integrating into azure release pipeline.
In grafana, I can filter results based on timelines since influxdb is time series database. But I would like to have the flexibility to filter results based on the release pipeline number as well. Is it possible to do it? Can we pass release number as an environment variable? But what do I do with a release number , how do I integrate it in my k6 script or influxdb so that Grafana can read it.

Any suggestions?

You can use the --tag option to add extra metric tag for every metric sample in that test run, e.g. --tag release_number=<your-release-number>". Haven't used azure release pipeline, but you should be able to pass that to k6. That way you can filter by release_number`.

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Yes. I figured that out. thanks so much for reply.

Hi @Jay, did you achieve it through the tagging Or any other workaround? I also have a similar requirement.