How to access k6 cloud rest api

K6 cloud documentation mentions about a rest api to access k6 cloud scripts. I need a way to start and get stats of a cloud test using an API. But documentation is not very clear about what is the right endpoint and authorization as well.

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For cloud support, it’s best if you can open a ticket (send an e-mail to In this way the support team can better track and hand-off the request if needed.

If you have any issues opening the ticket please let us know in this thread.


To access the k6 Cloud REST API:

Generate an API token from your k6 Cloud account settings.
Include the API token as an authorization header in your API requests: Authorization: Bearer <API_TOKEN>.
Use an HTTP client (e.g., cURL) to make requests.
Explore the API endpoints and their functionality in the k6 Cloud REST API documentation.

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