How does k6 work? (What happens in the inner core of the k6 instance)

Hello all.
I am reading the documentation for more information about k6. I want to know how the k6 inner core works when executing a load test. If there is a relevant document in this field, please introduce it or give a brief explanation about how it works. Thanks

We don’t have such a document yet, sorry, though we have an open issue about it: Explain the k6 architecture, what VUs are, the script limitations and why they exist · Issue #148 · grafana/k6-docs · GitHub

What exactly do you want to know? I can answer any specific question you might have, but to explain the whole architecture in detail is going to take at least a few pages of text. If you are a Go developer, k6 is open source and big parts of the codebase are relatively well documented, so that might be of help?

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