How do I display the amount of requests made each n amount of time?

Hi! I’m working on a project where we want to metric the number of requests made every n amount of time filtered by some labels. Our data looks like:

web_internal_request_count{filter1="1", filter2="2", endpoint="slots", instance="", integration="integration-name", job="web", method="GET", msg="OK", path="/path/to/integration", status="200"}

We’re using a Counter in our middleware, so we increase the metric by filling the right labels and exposing these metrics to Prometheus so that it can scrape them. We’ve tried using the sum by(labels) () function, but the value at any given point is the current counter value, and we want to know how much it increased and when. We’ve tried using the increase function too, but it seems to estimate some values.

increase(web_internal_request_count{integration=~"$integration", label1=~"$label1", label2=~"$label2", status=~"2..", endpoint=~"$endpoint"}[5m])

sum(sum_over_time(web_internal_request_count{integration=~"$integration", label1=~"$label1", label2=~"$label2", status=~"2..", endpoint=~"$endpoint"}[$__rate_interval])) by (integration, label1, label2, status)

In conclusion, we want to display when the counter goes up and by how much. Have a nice day!