How do I add a Timestamp in a table after reduce with transform

Grafana Version 8.3.6 on a local instance with InfluxDB 1.8

i have an issue with the transformation of a table.
The query and the transformation is like the picture below:

As you can see i want all values with the tags DataGroup=SEResults and ObjectType=Node and the field=U.

Because i want to show the tags NodeName and Phase in the table i selected them in GROUP BY.

The result, wich you can see below, is quiet perfect BUT I want to show the timestamp of the value in another column.
It should look something like that:

Is there any simple way to add the timestamp?

I tried such a different transformations but I never got it how it should look.

If there is a way to make the table look like this then I would be very grateful for suggestions.

I thank you in advance for the help