How difficult is it to build a dashboard?

Ive been looking into getting one of these nice dashboards made up for my mining rig, but I am unsure of the difficulty in building it. I have no coding experience, Is it possible I might be able to plug and play some basic stuff or do i really need some knowledge of coding before I can play around with this? Thanks!

i think that this is easy…
but I wonder if you know about how to acquire the data and store it??

From what I have gathered so far, it would seem a lot of people are using Prometheus or a combo of other apps. And using the api info from a site that has the info I can use.

I apologize if I do not understand …
When you say ‘mining rig’ do you mean ‘data mining’ or mineral mining ???
If you mean mineral mining, I wonder what protocol your equipment uses; I suppose some kind of PLC; OPC, mqtt, http?

I apologize, I mean a crypto currency mining rig. Something like this